Extensive Portfolio of Suppliers and Providers of Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes.

At Sagent, we have a genuine commitment to being a technology solutions brokerage that delivers the personal attention that many partners and suppliers are seeking to help grow their business. We’re dedicated to connecting partners with the perfect solutions through our network of suppliers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between customers and the technology solutions they require, making the process seamless and stress-free.

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Improve Sales and Boost Performance

Boost results and reach higher with our knowledge and skills that help successful professionals continue to excel and meet even greater goals! We made it our mission a long time ago to serve business leaders with providing them with all they need to move forward with greater achievement and purpose.


Cyber Security

Protecting Your Clients Assets

IoT, Mobility, and Al

Optimizing Availability and Predicting Outcomes

Cloud Computing

Software, Infrastructure, and Platform as a Services

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Coordination of Communication Strategies

Network and Voice

Prioritizing Simplicity and Flexibility

Managed Services

Upgrade Systems, Limit Training, Lower Cost of Ownership

Inspire to Create Meaningful Relationships

As a technology solutions brokerage, we operate on a simple model. Our network of partners act as the main point of contact for their customers, providing personalized recommendations that enhance the customer expierence. From understanding your unique requirements to connecting you with the right technology suppliers, our partners are encouraged to foster connections that enpower lasting relationships.

Developing a Supplier-Centric Partnership Experience that Streamlines the Sales Journey

Seamless Exchange

Streamlined Proposal

Opportunity Velocity

Efficient Procurement

Empowerment Pathway

Harmonious Partnership Journey

The Solution’s Reach is Expanding

“We’ve developed a solid grasp of a variety of categories, aiming to better cater to the diverse needs of our Partners

The Sagent Group has Established Connections with Over 200 Technology Solution Suppliers

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