Nurture Alliances, Ignite Client Success

We foster connections, and engage with individuals who care about building long-term relationships and understanding the nuances of growing your business

Fuel the growth of your sales agency with The Sagent Group, guided by our core values: Prioritizing Relationships, Demonstrating Action through Results, Upholding Trust as Fundamental, and Shifting Focus to Possibilities over limitations.

Prioritizing Relationships

With prioritizing relationships you’ll gain valuable insights into suppliers that tailor solutions that meet your clients communication strategies.

Demonstrating Action through Results

With consistently delivering tangible results, you will establish a track record of success. This track record serves as a compelling proof of your capabilities and encourages trust from both existing and potential clients.

Upholding Trust as Fundamental

Demonstrated results foster trust by aligning actions with promises. This trust is critical for forging strong client relationships, which are the foundation of repeat business and long-term growth.

Shifting Focus to Possibilities over limitations

Shifting focus to possibilities demonstrates a commitment to understanding and meeting client needs. This differentiation captures the attention of clients who seek forward-thinking partners capable of bringing fresh ideas to the table.

Meet The Leadership Team

We have spent every year since our organization was founded empowering sales professionals and leaders in honing and mastering the craft of selling.

Dave Mattson

CEO & President
Dave Mattson is a best-selling author, sales and management thought leader, keynote speaker and leader for sales training semin…

Bill Bartlett

EVP of Franchise
Bill Bartlett is a critically acclaimed coach and facilitator who excels at identifying core challenges and implementing growth…

Michael Norton

EVP of Enterprise
Michael Norton still considers himself a constant student of the game when it comes to performance development and helping orga…

Paula Driesell

Chief Human Resource Officer
Paula Driesell brings over 25 years of senior human resource experience with a focus on operational and strategic HR practices….

Fred Alexander

SVP of Growth and Development
Fred Alexander brings over 25 years of business strategy and operations leadership, building and growing organizations by defin…

Nicole Simonsen

SVP of Enterprise Sales
Nicole brings over 25 years of sales performance and transformation experience, working with F500 organizations to build skills…


Cultivating Insights and Advancement at Our Learning Events

At The Sagent Group, our learning experience is an ongoing journey, not just a single event. Through interactive sessions, you learn from both peers and suppliers, gaining insights that reshape your perspective. This knowledge is then carried forward, continually refined, and applied in collaboration with a community of like-minded professionals.


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Nurturing Sales Leaders Through Meaningful Relationships

Empower your organization with the essential tools, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering support, all stemming from our genuine partnerships with industry leaders across the technology landscape, driving growth in diverse sectors.